Allergies/Sinus Infections caused by Whiplash... Who knew?!

In the mid 80's, I began having terrible Seasonal Allergy symptoms and Sinus Infections, which only got increasingly worse through the years.  I tried everything looking for some relief... visited several Doctors, endured 15 years of Immunotherapy (Allergy shots), took various prescription & over the counter medications, even had cat scans, but the Doctors had no answers for me and nothing relieved the symptoms or the pain.

Finally in October 2002, while sick with my 9th straight sinus infection within a year, "Divine Intervention" stepped in.  I reconnected with Dr Mary Ann Fiscella, whom I knew from my hometown, she said she could help me with my health issues.  I knew very little about Chiropractors and frankly couldn't understand how this could help me when countless Medical Doctors had failed, but I trusted Mary Ann and was now desperate and willing to try anything to relieve the pain. 

So in the middle of experiencing a full blown sinus infection, a friend drove me to my first appointment with Dr. Mary Ann.  I couldn't drive myself because the infection was making me dizzy and I could barely hold my head up.  While taking my Health History Mary Ann asked me 3 questions which unbeknownst to me, told her the whole stroy even before she took an Xray... 1) Were you ever in a bad car accident? Yes! 2) Did you have whiplash from the accident? Yes! 3) Did you have Seasonal Allergy issues before your car accident? NO! The Xray confirmed what Mary Ann suspected, my neck & spine were severely out of alignment due to the whiplash from my car accident in 1985, this was the root of all of my allery symptoms & sinus pain.

As soon as I sat up from the adjustment I could feel the fluid starting to drain from my sinuses, the headache and pain suddenly began to lift!! I was totally and pleasantly suprised at the instant relief.  Needless to say I was competely sold on Chiropractic medicine and became one of many fans of Dr Mary Ann & Dr Louise.  I immediately began to follow their suggestions including continuous adjustmentse, no medications, dietary changes & whatever else I had to do to stay healthy.  After over 17 years of allergy & sinus issues, the healing began very quickly thanks to the care & compassion I recieved at Family Chiropractors.  I no longer have allergy issues and haven't experienced a sinus infection since that day in October of 2002!

I am so grateful to have found these amazing women... Dr Mary Ann and Dr Louise are experts in their field, knowledgable, and trustworthy.  They treat their patients like family, with understanding, respect, kindess & humor :) It's a pleasure to walk into the offices at Family Chiropractors, each visit starts with a warm friendly greeting from Judy or Lori, who make you feel right at home.  I hope to continue to be a part of this family for many years to come!


Joan Donohue


Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy

I first came to know Dr. Fiscella and Dr. DiGia after the birth of my daughter.  My body was out of alignment due to a combination of pregnancy, child birth and bad posture from holding and feeding my daughter.  They were able to get me back together and out of pain in just a few short sessions.

I sought their help again when my son was in breech position more than 34 weeks into pregnancy.  I was terrified that he would not flip and I would have to have a C-Section.  I talked to Dr. Fiscella about the Webster Technique.  She explained that she studied the technique directly from Dr. Webster himself.  She gently pressed on some muscles and tendons between my hips and belly.  The treatment was so mild, I was convinced it did nothing.  Much to my surprise, that evening, my son FLIPPED. I believe that the looser muscles and tendons allowed him the room to flip.

The doctors adjusted me once again after my son was born.  I have seen them for various self-created alignment issues since then and I always feel better after the treatment.

Stephanie McKillop


Without Our Health, We Have Nothing

I first came to Doctors Louise and Mary Ann almost twenty years ago.  My left knee hurt so much it could no longer bear weight.  I had been to two MD's, neither of whom could diagnose the source of the pain.  The second doctor suggested exploratory surgery.  My mother instead sent me to see "The Girls on Wilsey Square".

When Dr. Louise showed me my x-rays, I was surprised to find myself looking at not my knee, but at my hips which were shifted in such an exaggerated way that the right one was clearly resting significantly higher than the left.  Of course my poor left knee hurt; it had been bearing all the weight of my body.

I was able to walk normally and without pain after a single adjustment.  And I returned on a regular basis for re-alignment.

It wasn't long thereafter that I discovered something new about myself.  I wasn't a naturally tired person.  In fact, I am quite the opposite.  My sisters who are also longtime patients, call me the Energizer Bunny probably because I just keep "going and going".  And I am sure that most of you who come here regularly can relate to some extent.

These are also the two women who have seen my family through the death of a father.  They are the caretakers who have helped my mother (and her three daughters) through two brutal rounds of cancer, multiple surgeries and chemotherapy.  They are much-appreciated constants in an unpredictable life.

Today, when I look at "The Girls", I see the same kind healers I met almost twenty years ago.  The grays peek out from our scalps from time to time and we look, well, older.  I have wrinkles that I didn't have as a twenty year old.  They are the lines around my mouth and my eyes that come from having smiled, laughed and cried for a good many years.  They are the manifestations of my very full, happy and, most importantly, happy life.

So when you find yourself sitting in this waiting room a bit frustrated because there are many ahead of you, please pause to reflect upon the quality of the care that you get here.

Then, "take a deep breath in", adjust your priorities, smile and be thankful.

Kelly  Cipollone                                                                                                                                                

Ramsey, NJ


Injury After Auto Accident

Nineteen years ago, as the result of an automobile accident, I sustained a neck and back injury. I went for medical treatments and was given pain killers and a neck brace and informed by the doctor that I had sustained a soft tissue injury, and it would take time to heal.

After many weeks of taking the pain killers and feeling like a zombie, I saw an advertisement for Family Chiropractors of Ridgewood. I made an appoinment and met with Dr. Mary Ann, who took an x-ray of my neck and immediately diagnosed my problem.

She explained the type of treatment I needed and with my approval she began the treatments. After each treatment I was gradually beginning to get relief from the pain and move my neck without pain. After several treatments I was back to normal and actually my whole body felt better.

I realized that after receiving adjustments on my neck and back I was free of pain and felt more energetic. I have continued with maintenance adjustments on a scheduled basis for the past nineteen years.

Many times during the nineteen years I have injured myself, by tripping on an uneven sidewalk, shoveling snow, or taking a misstep off a cufb, resulting in an injury such as a herniated disc or sciatica. Doctors Mary Ann and Louise  have always been able to help relieve my neck and or back ailments.

I am very pleased with Family Chiropractors of Ridgewood and their staff for providing friendly, professional Chiropractic treatments to me for the past nineteen years. They have kept me ambulatory and free of excruciating pain over the years and I am very appreciative for it.

Wayne M.

Ridgewood, NJ


Pinched Nerve in Neck

Last June I suffered from a pinched nerve, a spasm in my neck and upper back. I endured pain and limited head movement throughout the summer. I received numerous neck and back rubs. I went on vacation. Still those treatments and relaxing time did not ease my pain.

I never considered a chiropractor before. I was referred to Family Chiropractors by a colleague. After just one adjustment I knew this treatment was going to make a difference. After multiple sessions , my discomfort dissipated.

I want to thank you for your services, you are professional, prompt, most of all your treatment worked. I will be sure to refer potential candidates for your services and will call on you again in the future as needed.

John D.


Allergy Relief

My name is Patti Herman and I have been a patient at Family Chiropractors since 1991. They have helped to relieve my allergies, neck and back pain so I can live a healthy, active lifestyle.

Drs. Mary Ann and Louise have played a major role in my overall health and wellness. Their staff, Judie and Lori, greet you with a bright smile every time you walk through the door.

I couldn't be more grateful to have found Family Chiropractors and be a part of the FCR "family"!

Patti Herman

Ridgewood, NJ